What you are looking for:

A committed, regular designer for your monthly publication but without the hassle of a full-time employee who sits under-utilized during non-press week. Or a trusted freelance designer who can come in and just ‘get on with it’ when you need holiday or illness cover – or work remotely from their own equipment, ftp’ing final files direct to your printer.

How would this work?

I work fast, efficiently and creatively. I have worked for a number of publications, both on-site and off-site, to produce their magazines on a monthly basis. Due to the changing economic climate, I can see a need for publishers to find someone they can trust to produce their magazines, following house style, on a regular basis and on-site, but without paying that designer’s salary for the time when the editorial staff are gathering stories and content.

I can work either on-site or off-site. Sometimes, the week is too hectic to rely on someone to work off-site. Your editor wants to sit next to the designer to oversee the work. Or all your content is on a central server and the idea of managing the outsourcing is overwhelming. Or perhaps you would prefer a full-time designer, in-house, but the cost for someone who is as skilled and as quick as you need is prohibitive.  Or perhaps you have a full-time employee, but you’re actually letting them go on holiday for 2 weeks. (Hey – it happens!)

What do you get out of this?

You get a fully qualified, speedy and skilled designer to come in for a week to your offices. Working with my own laptop or your Mac setup, I can come in and work press week as if I’m a full-time employee – getting the issue to press as necessary – but with a flat fee for the week. You get the design consistency that you need for your publication, with the financial benefits of just paying for the week.

Or equally. you can have a regular designer, without the overheads of a computer, office-space, and a regular salary to work remotely, producing a quality magazine, on-time and professionally.

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